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a fluffy, light, crispy dumpling made with batter and eaten with roast, especially for sunday roasts.
sometimes has sausages in the middle, n is called toad in a hole.
mmmmmmmmm, my mum makes a mean yorkshire pudding every sunday.
by mls July 08, 2004
those 10 british lads who think theyre well hard..
theyre them townies, pretending to be black but only one of them is. they're the dick heads who try to get number one spot by singing 'crossroads' and trying to rap and sing when they can't.
you'll find wannabe blazin squaders in the inner streets of your local town. they'll be wearin track suits n nike caps, tryin to rap though they're crap, they'll be suckin on lollies cos they think they're fags, sippin coke cans cause they're too young to buy booze, and speaking broken/street english.
oi u motherfuckaz we're blazin squad.. ehh the band ya dicks.
its dead wickid innit? we dont use propa names yo?! we named us spider, kenzie ehh we bling, check it... propa silva jewellery from claires accessories! ehh we the bomb!
we the best. we cant speak propa english. but woteva.. we kewl innit?
by mls July 08, 2004
a long piece of faeces (ie. shit) which floats on the water and is yellowish-brown in colour.
usually smells a lot, and can be found floating in public toilets, because it's too large to be flushed. or in third world countries where toilets aren't available.
paranoid person#1: omg!! look at that disgusting piece of crap down the toilet!
paranoid person#2: euw! flush it quickkkk!!
paranoid person#1: i can't its a yellow submarine!

bacteria: we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine!!

lil kid: daddy look at that yellow submarine in the river!!
by mls July 08, 2004

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