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damn thee! a word said jokingly or seriously to a friend when they do something really retarded, like light fire to your mailbox or put a blowtorch near your ear.
joe: hee hee. marc wants me to set fire to his mailbox.
marc: damn thee, joe! why the hell did you set fire to my mailbox?
joe: hee hee.
by minderella January 31, 2005
a meanie name for ickypoo old men
look at those hairs in his ears! he's an old coot!
by minderella January 09, 2005
a word that perverted old men aka, coots use when seeing a hot chick stone ridge girls or visitation girls. don't use this word - it's ickypoo.
old man: zowie! look at that girl. didn't make um like that when i wuz a boy.
girl: eww! perv! i'm calling the police!
by minderella January 09, 2005
1. to be large (as the university of maryland's football coach, ralph fridgin)
2. to intake large amounts of food with striking similarities to the university of maryland's foot ball coach, ralph fridgin
1. guy 1: look at that hog in the speedo! gross.
guy 2: he is so fridging.

2.guy 1: look at that guy eat! it's like the whole buffet!
guy 2: he's totally fridging.
by minderella February 02, 2005
okay, it's the:
1) better state school in virginia
2) one of the top public colleges
3) somewhat preppy, but hey, what's wrong w/ that?
4) school that has hot guys
5) that teacher lady in mean girls went there
grandpa: sonny, where do you want to go to school?
sonny: virginia tech!
grandpa: damn thee! - honey, where do you want to go to school?
honey: uva!
grandpa: you can inherit all my money! yay!
by minderella December 26, 2004

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