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A person who insists on peeing on public property; especially old women

originated in Pennsylvania by the infamous amish cabby, Dr. Zee
Zacharius was peeing on mrs. Shelby, he is a total Wizadork
by Milton April 14, 2005
Someone who wants something for free ... someone who takes and takes but doesn't give.
Potluck type of thing scheduled at work and only 1/2 the people bring stuff yet they wanna eat the grub. Not cool ... definately a freeloader.
by Milton June 17, 2004
1. Syn: PENIS. 2. A large, floppy dong.
The individual in question was arrested for waving his diggler around during church.
by milton October 24, 2003
Poughkeepsie, NY
Yo Dawg - I'm goin' over to Pough Town to pick some hoe's up in my low-rider- you in??
by milton July 17, 2003
One who is addicted to meth/crank to the point that they are running on auto-pilot alone and been high for so high that all intelligent thought is long gone.
The bartender Kelly at Shotguns is a Crankinstine.
by Milton December 16, 2004
An idiot, moron or other individual of low intelligence usually characterized by a having a blank stare, mouth gaping wide open and saliva dripping to the floor
Mikey had no idea that Washington DC was the capital of the United States...what a shoe drooler!!!
by milton July 19, 2003
an explosion of air from the vagina, the flaps often expel the trapped air with a vibrato sound much like a violin.
by milton July 08, 2003
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