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While at a costume party, hooking up with a stranger while playing seven minutes in heaven, then realizing that that stranger is your sister/brother when the costume is taken off.
at the party, the hot chick in the barbie costume turned out to be my own sister. it was more like seven minutes in hell!
by mickeyd23 February 20, 2011
1.) group, gang, or clan that gets major pussy.

2.) a group of numerous men (three or more) engaging in sexual acts with a woman at once.
John and Dale are best friends who always take home the hottest chicks. I swear they are in the pu-tang clan.

the pu-tang clan had her at every angle at the same time
by mickeyd23 February 20, 2011
when one is reached complete boredom, or boregasm, and has nothing better to do than repeatedly hitting the refresh button on facebook. Most often there is no significant change whatsoever, just the same news about how Becky has just gotten her new haircut and she wants people to "hit her up."
None of my friends answered any of my texts, so i was just jacking the refresh until i could find something better to do.
by mickeyd23 February 20, 2011
A milf secretary who is a total whore and fucks with her boss. 9 out of ten times the boss is married, and she might have a family of her own too.
On break, i went to hand some papers over to the secretary, and walked out with my dick wet, courtesy of the Secretary of Pleasury
by mickeyd23 February 20, 2011
someone who is your last resort to hang out with, and only because no one else could come or answer.
Mark: "Why were you hanging out with Scott the other day"
Tom: "Well you know, hes my convience buddy, so we hung out cause u werent around"
Mark: "Oh yeah."
Tom: "He annoyed the fuck out of me though, he'll never stop talking."
by mickeyd23 February 20, 2011
Procrastinating important things in need to be done such as studying, or assignments due the next day, by social networking on websites like facebook.
Dork: "Hey, did you get that assignment done yet? i already finished my research paper"
Typical lazy guy: "No, i'm social not-working right now"

Teacher: "Im concerned about your grades slipping, have you been studying?"
Student: "No, i've been socially not-working instead"
Teacher: (sighs) Facebook is the only book kids will read these days...
by mickeyd23 February 20, 2011
the negative reaction you respond with when something that you got your hopes up for doesnt work out
there was a big party that night, but my parents didnt let me go, so i flipped a bitch.

Girl: yeah ill blow you
Boy: great!
Boy: now im gonna flip a bitch
by mickeyd23 February 19, 2011

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