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Slang for U turn
"we decided to play it safe and get some gas, pulled out of the station, flipped a bitch, got pulled over"
by Himura July 14, 2003
To have a girl have sex with multiple people at your request.
Me and my cousin flipped a bitch from 7mile the other day.
by damon bell April 24, 2008
The cop drove by me and flipped a bitch when he saw my expired tags.
by Genofam October 08, 2008
when someone freaks out in a situation where freaking out is uncalled for, or freaks out excessively
When I came home past curfew last night still smoking my joint, my mom is flipped a bitch.

My teacher asked what Southern conservatives did in response to the Red Scare and I responded, "They flipped a bitch."
by ohnoooobitches222 April 24, 2010
When someone gets extremely angry for no apparent reason (or maybe some reason).
When my mom came home, she asked if I had played with the dog. I said Sure, I played with her. She then looked at the door, which was still locked, therefore I hadn't actually played with the dog. So she flipped a bitch on me.
by Sextron42and50 September 05, 2009
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