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A place originally for students, until the floodgates were opened and a lot of spelling and grammar challenged people flowed onto the site.

Most members post droll status updates, which most of the iliterate facebook masses are arrogant enough to think their 'friends' will actually read and give a shit about. Members will also post pictures of themselves and their friends in bars or other nondescript social settings doing nothing in particular apart from smiling or in some kind of bemusing pose against a backdrop of borglike drones, then they will follow that up later in the 'album' by the obligatory end of the night drunk shot of someone smiling. These photos will be 'tagged' and the person who posted the pictures 'friends' will LOL about how funny it all was.

Facebook also offers groups where members can share ill-informed opinions, and 'applications' which are really just stupid quizzes which require the member to answer several multiple-choice questions then spam their 'friends' to find out "What kind of car or dog they would be." Members also participate in games that would be considered puerile by any self-respecting four year old.

Facebook is stultifying due to its members who have eschewed real-life communication for this site. Facebook destroys your soul.
Guy1: Do you want to go out and like... do something tonight?
Guy2: Nah, I'm just gonna stay in and go on facebook and chat... I've got to post up the pictures from the last time we went out and actually did something that required face to face communication. Hey, I'll play you on Bowling Buddies LOL"
by michaelftm2 September 17, 2008
A crazy person
"Man, that Jeffrey Dahmer sexually abused and murdered (not necessarilly in that order) 17 young men and boys. He's a crazy person."
by michaelftm2 September 17, 2008
Free online dating site trying to mask itself as a social networking site. To no avail.

Faceparty is full of wannabe players, with little or no redeeming qualities and/or self respect who boast display pictures of their abs, sending scantily clad, semi-anorexic blonde 18-year old charv girls who look upto Coleen McCloughlin, sexually offensive messages with the hope of getting laid. Often with great success.

Great idea if you ask me
Rippedguy69: "I am male and I have ripped abs and a penis.. you have the nicest arse on faceparty. What's your email addy? Btw.. fancy a shag?"

sexi_slapper: "whatever@hotmail lmao yeh definitely ya fit lol"
by michaelftm2 September 17, 2008
One who wears tracksuits and has somewhat the ichor of the warrior about him or her.

In other words, is a charv who likes to go around punching people for no reason.
"Did you see that lad in the tracksuit who went and punched that old man for no reason? He was a real tracky-warrior."
by michaelftm2 December 28, 2008

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