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A good way to cover up the word Fuck when you say it out loud without thinking who you are around.
To perform this just while you are saying fuck, quickly change it to fudge. Sometimes you may catch it a little late and say fucdge. but it still sounds betta than the real thing
O fudge, ive been shot!
by Mic August 05, 2004
The sweet ass dude that you can tell to say funny ass words and he says them in a really funny voice. You really need to try this. Its some funny shit.
-How To Get Microsoft Sam-
1.Click on Start
2.Click on Control Panel
3.Click on Speech
4.Type some funny shit and let him say it.
just copy and paste

1. I am Sam, Hear Me Roar, Bitch!
2. gdfgdhgidfghdfgiudfndfgopdfgdfnguidfuigigudfuigndfugnsdfgnpdggnuidfgdfngudfpggnuigpgnuidngdfnguidfnguidfgndgndfuigngh
3. Nigger
by Mic August 05, 2004
The male body part also known as a scrotum. It contains two of the most important body parts that any man in this world would never want to lose. If you get hit in the ballsack you may hear someone say one of any theses three things.
1. Shit my balls
2. oww my balls
NOTE: Never say ballsack when being hit in tha ballsack. It's just not right
Hey babe, wanna c my ballsack
by Mic August 05, 2004
A fart nugget accours when you are with a group of friends and you feel a little gas coming on. You feel very excited because you want to but on a good show for you friends. You push extremly hard and then, pooooop, you shit your pants with a hard turd. Luckly for you, you can make a swift move to 2 restroom before anyone notices becasue your ass wont we wet and brown, only brown. You should be able to clean you panties with a few sheets of Toile paper. If there is no brown left on your white panties, CONGRADULATIONS, you have succsefully ddroped a "Fart Nugget"
Damn sue i think I just released a fart nugget.
by Mic August 05, 2004
the study of mixing drinks and cocktails
Bartenders study mixology.
by Mic October 07, 2003
one who performs oral sex on a male
by mic May 14, 2003
A secret stash of money usally used for the most part in emergencies only.
I used my locker to hold my slush fund not my books.
by Mic February 09, 2004

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