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Anything else that can get your heart going faster than normal.

Something daring, risky, sexual etc.
she sent me some pretty racey pictures online. it was awesome.
by Meesh February 19, 2005
Someone who is the ultimate of cool. The legend is witty and nice, contrary to what they might think. The legend is also badass, though.
Randal James is THE legend.
by meesh December 24, 2004
The act of being left ashamed and slightly upset due to embarrassing circumstances. Used by Glasgow neds.
Jimmy got pure dumped by 'is bird last night. He wis pure gutteeeed!
by Meesh March 06, 2005
My school. It depends on my mood, Bad day: God, Burroughz fuckin sucks. Good day: Thank GOD FOR BURROUGHS!!! Burroughs could be worse or better although I do like the burbank district better then most....
Depending on my mood Burroughs is fuckin GOOD or BAD
by Meesh December 27, 2004
Misha is a guy name all you fuckers who name your kids michelle I hope you rott in hell for naming your kid michael and cursing her to become completley retarted for eternity....
Misha has always been originally a guys name. Why do women take everything? Misha is short for meesh
by meesh December 26, 2004

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