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ive nothing much to add to the whole cumming in your hand and flinging it in her face except when you do you have to yell "go web go!"
they love it when you do it cuz it shows you care
by mcgruff October 13, 2004
for now and ever to be used as the plural for penis.
i was watching a midget bukkake video and i saw that bitch get poked in the face by at least ten penix
by mcgruff October 13, 2004
Negates the potential for mab-touching-man discomfort.
During our group hug, I was the chicky buffer between Andy and David.
by mcgruff January 02, 2005
after engaging in anal sex you pull out and slap your partner in the face with your feces covered penix
that nasty skank loves chili to go almost as much a red baron
by mcgruff October 13, 2004
Crime dog, in the context of McGruff the Crime Dog.

1)verb. To observe something that someone is doing wrong or something that someone should not be doing and then informing them of the correction.
Person 1 to Person 2: "The instructions say to do it this way."
Person 2: (ignornant) "No, this is the right way"
Person 3: (after verification) "Whoa! Person1 just totally crime dogged Person2!"
by McGruff January 09, 2004
after engaging in sexual activities with a woman on her period you slap her in the face with your vaginally painted member whilst humming dum duh duh duh duhh dum duh duhh duhh duhh dumm du duh duuuuuhhhh!!!
im sure you all know what song im talking about.
by mcgruff October 13, 2004
See Short-Bus Rider Or Short-bus Renegade. A person with Down Syndrome or other mental handicap.
Do SBRs really deserve their own olympics?
by McGruff June 09, 2003

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