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An operating system, such at unix...but different.
penix 2.5
by louis October 16, 2001
When you lose a boner in an awkward situation, then it rises in your pants again, randomly, like a phoenix.
"I thought i avoided that boner during my speech, but I got a penix during the last part."
by The Rise of the Penix April 18, 2010
for now and ever to be used as the plural for penis.
i was watching a midget bukkake video and i saw that bitch get poked in the face by at least ten penix
by mcgruff October 13, 2004
Slang term for dick.
"Villman, stop playing with your peniX!"
by foo December 20, 2002
An object that unintentionally looks like a penis.
Ex1: Ayo. Look at that Penix!

Ex2: What the hell is that a Penis? Nahhh, its a Penix.

Ex3: Boy: Baby, look at my Penis.

Girl: Pshhttt! That's a Penix i'm outta here.

Ex4: Bubby, Manfrika, Huliaan and Subba all are unworthy of having a penis therefore they have a Penix.
by PoopInYourLiver January 09, 2012

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