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when somebody does something that supports a negative stereotype of black people
u had 13 packets of kool-aid today alone? come on dog...thats nignorant
by mc3yee October 31, 2010
when something thoroughly satisfies your needs or desires
i love getting As on my tests. that shit really tickles my pickle
by mc3yee November 17, 2010
an asian dialect for the act of examining something with your fingers to check its quality
i was in china town trying to sell weed and a short chinky midget named kai gao lim came up to me and asked if he could phinguh phuck the weed two tyme
by mc3yee November 02, 2010
simply a combination of two racial slurs relating to black people
tom: hes a JIGABOO!
jared: hes a NIGGER!
me: no....hes a god damn JIGANIG
by mc3yee November 02, 2010
drinking four lokos
me: tryna get some forties or somethin?
tay: nah mufucka we lokin tonight!
by mc3yee November 17, 2010
somebody who does not succeed at fucking attractive women so they end up fucking/raping women who live in trailers
i havent gotten any poon tang in about 7 months...i hope i dont have to resort to becoming a trailer nailer
by mc3yee November 18, 2010
a promiscuous girl who will engage in sexual intercourse with a partner for a very small fee
Teddy: shes not very hot dude...
Me: yeah i know but you gotta capitalize on a one buck fuck when you can
by mc3yee November 18, 2010

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