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traditionally a Japanese onomatopoeia used as a growl like for lions, tigers, bears, dinosaurs.

Used in the H-Game/Anime series Air by the main female character as an expression of discontent, like when shot down on an idea, or hurting herself.

see also: 'uguu'
Misuzu: *trips falls flat on face*
Misuzu: "G..Gao...."
by Kunisaki Yukito February 10, 2005
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anything involving homosexuality or any other gay actions to the point they cause chaos.
Complete gaos happened when that guy tried to buy me a drink.
by MIC SAPIEN July 10, 2008
Acronym: Genitals Above Ovaries, formed into a word through constant use.

Pronounced "gay-oh".

Meaning "vagina" (in an offensive manner towards males, i.e. in the same way "pussy" is), although grammatically incorrect due to translation from foreign language.

Origin unknown.

For other uses see "man gao" or "niggao".
"You're such a gao! Ask her the fuck out already."

"That dudes wedgie/cameltoe looks like mad man gao."
by definition91827 July 10, 2008
Of dubious sexuality. Unmanley.
Man, I totally blew it with that girl this weekend. It's like I don't even like women. I must be turning Gao.
by q-spot May 02, 2006

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