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gangs often have 17 year olds in their crew for the sole purpose of going to prison for older members, as they will usually be tried as juvenilles
"you're 17 dog, you gotta take the charge to be initiated as a vicelord"
by max June 25, 2005
In America this means terminating anyone and everyone for their own personal security, even if it meant the entire world would be destroyed. It's also common to attack weak countries that could possibly stand up against them in certain ways, or for national benefit.

And then call it "Defending"

This can also be described as: "Fighting for peace" or more correctly "Fighting for our peace, screw everyone else"
Let's attack iraq and take their oil, it could be to our benefit in the long run. While saying it's to defend our country.

This is correct yet egoistic.
by max March 29, 2005
When a guy does a girl doggie-style in front of a window, then at some point he gets a friend to trade places with him. He runs outside and up to the window, knocks on the glass, and yells HOUDINI! while waving to his girl.
I got Rick to help me pull a Window Houdini on Stacy last night.
by Max March 08, 2005
A paticular picture of a man after using PCP. A.k.a: Angel dust.

There is a caption underneath the picture:

while under the influence of angel dust this man decided to peel off his own face using pieces of broken mirror and feed the strips of flesh to his pet dogs. he survived due to the large amounts of drugs anesthetizing his system. The dogs were removed by police to the animal shelter, where their stomachs were pumped, resulting in the recovery of pieces of the mans face, lips, and nose

It is a very vivid picture, including ample amounts of blood.

Faceless.jpg is in someones photobucket account. DO NOT GET TRICKED.

The ring? naw man, Faceless.jpg is way scarier then that.
by Max January 20, 2005
If you're going to have sex with a hoe and you don't know if she has crabs.
I slept with some whore last night and she was pretty damn dirty. It was a real crab shoot!
by Max August 19, 2004
adj. 1a. of, or relating to the sloth, esp. in its slow and apathetic behavior
Pevin Lekay has a slothful attitude toward religion.
by Max December 07, 2004
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