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To sell someone into sexual slavery; To pimp someone out for profit; To exploit innocent women; To engage in international sex trafficking.
"Man, if that bitch doesn't straighten up, I'm gonna Smythe her!"
by Zeek McCalister May 12, 2010
One who commits nasty acts in favour of himself.
'You're a Smythy character.' 'Don't be a Smythe.' 'Stop Smything it!' 'Can I have 20p for the bus? Fuck off you Smythy bastard.' 'You ordering a pint of Smythe?' 'You've been Smything it recently.' 'You're a Smythy piece of work.' 'You Smythed it with that bird, mate.'
by The Infamous Smythe May 27, 2013
doughnut the uber max, sometimes a shway dude...but mainly just a chez ass doughnut puncher
yo, do u know who Smythe is?
yea, he's a doughnut puncher...says shway a lot...thinks kandy is fun to stick up his cornhole...i bashed him in the dome piece
dag yo
by 315 & T-Dog! March 28, 2003
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