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A pesky hair growing on the shaft of the penis; or a particularly annoying person (usually male).
Ouch, something is pulling on one of my dick whiskers; or
I can't stand hanging around with Ken because he is such a dick whisker.
by Max December 30, 2004
-To be above all other "1337" people
I r teh 1337z0r!!!
by Max May 30, 2004
a hot gurl in 10th grade at o'hara named megan who sucks on a pen while a horny dude named steve sanislo watchs and jerks off
wow look at steve jerk off to taht pen sucker
by max December 09, 2004
The hottest and bestest chapter in BAR
Spam!!! Homer!!! Scooby Jew!!!!
Ruach aza is the schiznit!
by max October 24, 2004

1. Someone who is incapable of mobilizing themselves.


1. Extremely absurd or tedious.
2. Not pertaining to anything of true importance.
"He could come out tonight but he's being a lunkass and playing X-Box"

"That test was fucking lunkass"
"I would come over but I have to do lunkass chores"
by Max June 16, 2004
black long jacket (usually silk) worn on Sabbath or High Holidays by married members of the Lubavitch sect
A black hat, his suit or kapota was spotless...
by Max January 19, 2004
a self-important little man
Willy Loman
by Max September 08, 2003

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