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264 definitions by max

Nataleigh-- this freshman that is fucking my freshman buddy, Steven.
Nataleigh fucked Steven last night, and I'm really jealous.
by Max March 03, 2005
adj. 1a. of, or relating to the sloth, esp. in its slow and apathetic behavior
Pevin Lekay has a slothful attitude toward religion.
by Max December 07, 2004
aka "bonjourno"
to perform cunnilingus
to go down on a girl
"Take off your pants. I'd like to say hello in italian."
"Then he said hello in italian to me, and I had 3 orgasms"
by max May 13, 2004
to perform sexual stimulation on a female using one's fingers, or "digits"
I digitfucked that bitch so hard I got a cramp in my wrist!
by Max March 14, 2004
Those shitty matches that they sell now since some fucktard probably burned himself playing with them. They used to sell decent ones but they are all fagged out!
Lost camper #1: I can't get this strike anywhere match to work!

Lost camper #2: Let me see that! GOT BROUGT THE STRIKE NOWHERE MATCHES YOU FAG!!! We're going to die out here!
by Max February 21, 2009
Otherwise known as 'The Latin Snake'. The winner of the first (and currently only) series of 'The Contender'. Never defeated in the programme, and beat title favourite Ishe and Peter Manfredo (the latter whom he beat in the final). A tall and not particularly muscular guy, his strength lies in his mind, a very mentally strong figure. His victory enabled his family to fight emerge from poverty, and his name to emerge into the world of boxing.
"And the winner is.......Sergio Morrrrraaaaaaaaaaa"
by Max July 02, 2005
Another name for a Penis
"his pleasure pole was only one fuckin inch, i'd say it was more of a pin than a pole"
by max May 02, 2005