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A wonderful and fun fucking place where the great ( yeah, O.K.) civil servant, better known as PIGS can't make a propper arrest. So what they do is plant stuff on you, or co-erce you or beat you , basicaly do "Whatever" it takes to make an arrest.(A groupe of funky flunkies in uniform)
I just got back from the 8th precient nassau where i told them about a real murder.
Until the detective crawled out from under his desk, I thought the place was empty!
by mavros April 24, 2006
it's actualy called Doing the farm boy...
this is the act of pinching one nostrile closed and blowing wads of goo out the other and all over the floor.
"I hate my ex-wife so much,I did a farm boy all over her pillow".
(Great Idea? Rite guys?)
by mavros April 12, 2006
What you feel like aftewr smoking crack all night.
Look at me, I'm numby damnit!!!
by mavros April 04, 2006
another name for Angel dust, or PCP
yo... Lets go to Forest park, Brian is there and hes got nice dimes of wood.
by mavros April 09, 2006
What you need to do before you stuff the sluts toilet.
OOOUUUCCCHHH!!! "The bitch rubbed me raw,I knew I should have used the Hiney lick manuver!
by mavros April 07, 2006
The way a moron, Italian from old school Brooklyn says oil.
Uncle Vinny said " Duhhhhh... I'll check to see if there's enough url to burl a pot of water so I can clean the Turlit.... I just spewed all over the seat".
by mavros April 07, 2006
A gigantic homo from "Happy Days"
chachi sucks fonzi
hey, sounds like a new sitcom?
by mavros April 22, 2006

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