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45 definitions by mavros

That's what you get when you take the genes of a Polok, and the genes of a one- legged Mongoloid and merge them together.
" Oh shit Earny,that freekin' Polaroid One-step is raking leaves up in the tree.
(Ya gotta love those Polish jokes)!
by mavros April 11, 2006
2 10
Easy to start: 1.) Find a minimum of at least 2 Bums.
2.)Go tell Bum #1 that Bum #2 was the guy responsible for putting him on the street and that he stole the last little bit of Thunderbird, and his last cigarette filter, you know, the one that has 3 to 4 grains of tobacco on it.
3.)Sit back and watch the crust chip away as they come out swingin'.
Sometimes it'll work when you walk through Grand Central Station and drop a dollar in change in front of a gaggle of Bum.
I Got filthy when I started a couple of Bum Fights and their crust was flying!
by mavros April 11, 2006
17 25
A large "Pyle" of shit.
" Don't walk on the lawn.....
Theres too many Gomers out there".
by mavros April 07, 2006
8 18
That Fucking Flaming, Faggot standing at the urinal next to you...
And he isn't even Pisssssssssing!!!
" I think that Pecker Checker wanted to be a Peter eater for a day"?
by mavros April 07, 2006
19 31
to dunk your nads in the bitches mouth.
You know... The old "In & Out" Routine.
It seems like Big Mamma was tea baggin too mucken futch...
I can't understand what his {or her?} definition is supposed to say? Big Mamma says: "UUUUUUHHHHH, iuyevosQK]Asijh AKYRefiwareuhrbtc98eas74hr=-" What evah!!!
by mavros April 16, 2006
23 36
the sound an oriental camera makes
Mr.wong said, "Rook diss ray prease," and the camera went "Crick"
by mavros April 03, 2006
20 34
A happy Roman. he was gladiator(glad-i-ater)
did ya hear about the happy roman?
he was gladiator
by mavros April 08, 2006
2 20