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A realy fat person who looks like they have an ass in the front as well as the back.
Large Marge looks like she could shit out the front or back end, da bitch is double assed!!!
by mavros April 07, 2006
Very small titties. A bitch with a bra size of
one, negetive -A
" Hey, Stupid......
Better get some Band-Aids on them there Skeeter bites!
by mavros April 07, 2006
A real shity hamburger,
you know... the kind they serve in the school lunch room.
I'm not eating in the cafeteria , they are servin' hockey pucks today.
by mavros April 24, 2006
shooting a load in the bitches face!!!
I shot blob bullets all over the fucking whores face.
Yeah baby
by mavros April 03, 2006
Need I spell it out? Oh,... Allright.

What else?
As we drove through Manhattan, en-route to "Park-n-blow",
I noticed, in the car to my right, there was a whore buffing the helmet of the driver.
by mavros April 16, 2006
What you win when you hit the Indian lottery.
Gneriwerl said: " I scratched and scratched and the dot matched the dot on my forehead... I WON the 7-11 is mine. I can now legaly rob and poison the American people."
by mavros April 09, 2006
this is the term used when refering to "Fido's" Pud, or "pecker", when it comes out of its sheeth to play with "Fifi".(pronounced; fee-fee) for all you illiterate interlectuals!
" The good (Yeah rite!!!) Rev. Al Sharpton just can't stop playing with Tawana's dogs pink pencile..."
He just aint nevuh seen nuffin like it.
by mavros April 16, 2006

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