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An employee of the state who is rarely civil or a servant of the people. Politically correct to the nth degree, usually to the exclusion of common sense and proportion. Protected from the ravages of the commercial world by contracts written by other civil servants, minimal working hours, maximum holidays and generous pensions all at the expense of taxpayers actually working and being productive in the private sector are the norm. Often on sick leave, obstensibly because of "stress", but if actually at work most likely to be having a coffee, emailing friends, and convening pointless meetings where nothing gets decided and actions are not acted on.

Nice work if you can get it, and if you do its a job for life, as no matter how incompetent, lazy or just plain stupid you are, its almost impossible to get fired. Brilliant.
Ask people to word-associate with 'Civil Servant', and you might get things like 'grey suit', 'bowler hat', 'faceless bureaucrat' and 'lazy incompetent boring waste of taxpayers' money'. And that's just from female ex-Prime Ministers.
by A civil servant June 23, 2006
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