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1. Pertti "spede" Pasanen (1930-2001) finnish famous humorist, inventor and entertainer.
2. (informal) person who look or act ridiculous or stupid.
Se jätkä on ihan spede
That guy is just clown
by matti March 06, 2005
finnish devil
when finns came since '60 to sweden immigrants, prejudice swedes think that finns are violent, primitive savages because some of them have problem with language, alcohol or socialrelations.
expression is racist and bad insult.
-titta, en finne igen i fyllan!
-satans finjävlar!

-look, drunken finn!
-damn finnish devils!
by matti March 08, 2005
Finnish equivalent for Beverly Hills. Rich people in big houses on hill, fancy cars, swimmingpools and low taxes. Postalcode is 02700 KAUNIAINEN.
Kauniainen, 02700
Rich and famous
by matti April 09, 2005
when finn raise his glass he say kippis
kippis is same like cheers
he raises his glass of vodka and say:"kippis!"
by matti March 06, 2005
same as dick or penis in finnish.
- Olet varsinainen molopää!
- You are really dickhead!
by matti September 04, 2005
GM H2:s are called to Fagmobile in Finland because that vehicle was used in TV show FabFive finnish version by cheering faggots.
See also prius
Faggots use H2:s, it's Fagmobile
by matti September 02, 2005
when finn wants to drink a lot and get drunk he take perskänni, it is very massive intoxication. finns take often readily perskänni with vodka or other spirits.
nyt otetaankin oikein perskännit!
now let's take real perskänni!
by matti March 05, 2005

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