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Small miserable suburb near of Finnish metropolitan area. Inhabitants are mostly unemployed drunks, low-educated, poorly-waged, immigrants or refugees.
Youth use they free-time to kick walls, swearing, spitting on to streets and replace punctuation marks in they speak with word vittu. Many of them are amis and most of them do pilluralli.
-Kerava Guy1: Mennääks vittu ajaa pillurallii, vittu?
-Kerava Guy2: Vittu, joo, mennään ajaa ihan vitusti!
by matti April 06, 2005
1.(informal) apartment or other home in building
2. hut in wilderness, faraway from nearest settlement
finnish origin
1. onko tämä sinun oma kämppä?
is this you own apartment?
2. tuossa on kämppä jossa yövymme
there is hut where we stay overnight
by matti March 06, 2005
v.-the unpleasant churning motion of the contents of one's stomach during running, jumping or other physical activity.

conjublilation (n.), conjublilating (adj.), conjubliatingly (adv.)
My steak and eggs was conjublilating all around as I ran after the city bus.
by Matti February 15, 2004
a finnish military abreviation for "viikonloppuvapaa", free weekend off duty.
slang "velvi"
- ens perjantaina alkaa velvi
by matti April 30, 2005
Motu is finnish abbreviation of modem. Nowadays it mean usually ADSL-box.
Tietokoneessa pitää olla motu että pääsee nettiin
Computer need a motu to get internet
by matti March 06, 2005
used by finnish pissis, eng. w00t? or woot? = what?
term of exitement:
-siiz daah?
by matti March 08, 2005

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