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finnish = eng. fuck off
- ei tähän saa pysäköidä!
- vedä käteen!
- no parking here!
- fuck off!
by matti March 07, 2005
1. dogbreed, eng. badger dog
2. twelve-pack of beer. In finland very popular way to purchase beer in 12-botle carton box
minulla on vielä jäljellä mäyräkoira
I have still left twelve-pack
by matti March 06, 2005
when finn raise his glass he say kippis
kippis is same like cheers
he raises his glass of vodka and say:"kippis!"
by matti March 06, 2005
finnish abbreviation of internet.
netti = internet, netistä = from internet
löysin sen netistä
I found it from internet
by matti March 06, 2005
Nörtti is translation of english word Nerd. Nerd spend plenty of time with computers, internet chatrooms or games.
Interested of all kinds of electronic.
Often looks scruffy and smell sweat. Drink much of cola and energydrinks.
Nörtit valvoo kaiket yöt netissä chattaamassa.
Nörtti's be awake all night with internet chatrooms.
by matti March 05, 2005
finnish positive answer to question. almost same as "sure" or mos def
-lähdetäänkö illalla ryyppäämään?
-totta mooses!
-let's go boozing tonight?
by matti March 09, 2005
An expletive that is used as an alternative to the more common four-letter F word used in times of frustration or disappointment when profanity is not acceptable.

See also fudge, fudgesicle, fooey, frappacino, or frick/frickin'.
A heavy object falls on your foot. You are in front of your children. "Frick-a-frack!" you yell as you jump up and down, holding your injured appendage.
by Matti February 15, 2004

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