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1)Abreviation of the word Power Owned
2)a mix between the words Power and Owned
Man u jus got Pwned
by Matt June 08, 2004
(Acronym) A standard etla for a devout catholic/christian who believes in No Sex Before Marraige.
Man, don't hook up with Maria, wont get anywhere, shes so NSBM!
by Matt July 26, 2004
1. An euphemism for sex.
2. An acknowledgment that you would like to have sex with an individual usually made by turning to the person and motioning with your hand and saying 'goosh goosh' or better yet turning away and motioning to your friends in reference to an individual.
Greg - "Goosh goosh!"
(motioning towards hot blonde)
Aaron - "Yeah, I'd tap that"
Magda - "Let's goosh goosh"
Matt - "OK"
by Matt June 23, 2007
I dont get it.......The first few episodes were weird.....the only one i watched all the way thru was the one with that doll thingie that made Meatwad all depressed, so they chuck it off a cliff. The only thing this show does for me is make me crave McDonalds. But i cant go to Mcdonalds kuz the shows always on fucking late and McDonalds is closed....The Only show like this that i like is the BRAK show kzu thats funnier than this one kuz it has a foreign midget guy and a pyro praying mantis thing. Anyways ATHF is just fucking weird but it does have its moments sometimes.
ok..... some meat, That Shake thingie, and the flying fry with the rectractable fry arm thingie...... yup it all sounds like a bad acid trip to me
by Matt November 12, 2004
A girl who has a nice body, but an ugly face. I.E. Good uniform bad helmet, referring to the University of Michigan football helmets and uniforms.
Wow, that bitch is a Michigan!
by matt March 11, 2005
A car made by Mercury. Mercury Cougar.
That Cougar is pretty fast
by Matt August 04, 2004
16 Year Old Girls.
Mary though that she couldn't get hurt in a moch pit. She was so naive
by Matt September 19, 2003
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