1375 definitions by matt

a big meany head who takes picture of evry1 and omg, them picture are bad
"your such a jazza"
by matt January 11, 2004
No, this is not part of a car, that is a bumper.
'Fender-Bender' wtf is that
by Matt March 04, 2005
Sink The Fat U-Boats
none needed...i hope
by matt March 27, 2004
Posibly the shittiest suburb in the Califronia bay area. Filled with homophobic kids who are ignoranbt to everything except their big houses, money, and protected lives.
Wow, that guy is a total douche. He must be from Lafayette
by Matt February 14, 2005
jack off---- beat the meant
i beat it everyday
by matt April 25, 2003
a tanner is some person who stands on the street corners and openly asks to suck your cock, they are normally women but some can be transvestites or homosexuals as well, there for the word tanner can also be another word for fag, or cocksucker
wow man that fag is suck a tanner
by Matt September 07, 2006
an abnormal person, like eric
by matt April 24, 2003
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