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1379 definitions by matt

Kids in the Hall, a sketch comedy (and I use the term "comedy" loosely here) by some no-name flapping heads.
Kids in the Hall is as unfunny as it gets; placing a close second is Dave Foley himself.
by Matt December 27, 2004
46 125
jack off---- beat the meant
i beat it everyday
by matt April 25, 2003
48 128
to think you are the best because well, some people just are.
look at the picture and you will understand why I am the best, can you deny it?
by Matt December 29, 2004
97 178
Smelly Poop
Damn i just dropped a mean smoop
by matt January 31, 2004
14 95
Sink The Fat U-Boats
none needed...i hope
by matt March 27, 2004
13 95
a big meany head who takes picture of evry1 and omg, them picture are bad
"your such a jazza"
by matt January 11, 2004
23 105
No, this is not part of a car, that is a bumper.
'Fender-Bender' wtf is that
by Matt March 04, 2005
11 94