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A crush or romanc between two young people
Their fling may turn out to be more
by Matt May 02, 2003
1) Excellent carbonated beverage.
2) Excellent mix drink.
1) Open can and drink.
2) See directions:
A) One scotch glass of Budweiser.
B) One shot glass of Rum.
C) Drop shot glass in scotch glass.
D) Bottom's up.
E) Enjoy the alcoholic beverage that tastes exactly like the carbonated beverage.
by Matt July 19, 2004
the invisible asian samurai that was once a poop smith, every chinese new years he comes out at midnight and attacks poor innocent children and steals their money. teng once lived as a rich king but then died of being with to many beautiful girls.
Beware children or Teng will come and eat you then steal your money.
by Matt December 09, 2004
XO and cute and cuddly way of showing affection through and hug and a kiss.
Used to refer anything that is cute and cuddly in any nature.
That teddy bear is soooo XO
That cute boy Boon is sooooooooooo XO
by Matt March 02, 2005
a device used by women to pleasure themselves
adam: "my fallace is stuck in my ass greg"
greg: "dude should if i stick my dick in your ass, will that help?"
by matt March 18, 2005
When your crotch is on fire
My joint fell in my pubes, now I gots me a fire crotch
by Matt September 30, 2004
a very hot,young woman with great talents in everything she does. whoever doesnt like her is just jealous because shes better than all of you low-lives.
"look its hilary duff! wut a hottie!"
by Matt April 20, 2005
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