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Where people go to cheat on their boyfriends/girlfriends etc. A place of no moral grounding. It's not called a beach cause trash gets washed ashore. For example: Jersey Girls. To take part in the Jersey Shore experience pretend you can't read, get a jailhouse build, wear wifebeaters everyday, spend the off season in tanning salons, wear two pounds of gel in your hair, talk about how much you hate black people, but party to music created by black people, make sure you can borrow mommy/daddy's car, wear cheap jewelery. If confused, watch Growing up Gotti.
Duhhhhh, I'm going to the shore to get my std
by Matt February 07, 2005
to those straight-edge emo pricks it means hardcore. To me it means Straight-edge Hardcore.... the kind of hardcore that sucks. Hardcore was never meant to be straight-edge. Thanks for destroying Hardcore poser emo ass-holes
"look at me, i have black X's on my hands im so hardcore".

"shut up emo kid"
by Matt June 23, 2005
Kids in the Hall, a sketch comedy (and I use the term "comedy" loosely here) by some no-name flapping heads.
Kids in the Hall is as unfunny as it gets; placing a close second is Dave Foley himself.
by Matt December 27, 2004
sushi sex
i want sushi sex now!
by matt December 23, 2003
A man who tosses salad.
That guy is such a koby.
by Matt December 21, 2004
If you say someone has a 10 on the Gayometer, then they are the most gay.

10 - Simmonsgay
9- Fashiondesignergay
8- Queerbait
7- Eltongay
6- Timbergay
5- Ass bandit
4- Tomcruisegay
3- Peder-ass
2- Closet case
1- Bisexual
0- Straight
Rob is gay.
Hmm... would you say he's Simmonsgay or Timbergay?
by matt February 10, 2004
Crazy state of mind in which you cannot control your thoughts and responses properly. Usually after smoking 15 or more marijuana cigarrettes, or sniffing 8 oz. of cocaine.
"I am so high right now, it's like... I'm fucking subliminal dude... FUCK WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU.. theres.. A FUCKING BIRD... whoaaaa... it was just a potato chip dude..." The person who is high off of marijuana or cocaine, usually tends to fall over and drool on his relative or friend after saying fucking crazy shit.
by Matt January 19, 2005

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