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A man who tosses salad.
That guy is such a koby.
by Matt December 21, 2004
A good band but wrongly labelled as punk
by matt September 04, 2003
1)person - Forrest Gump- Showed LBJ his butt, Fought in Viet Nam, started a shrimp company, just kept running
2)Pulling something off with pure ignorance and luck.
1) Forrest Gump sure does like chocolates
2)You Forrest Gumped your way through college you bastard. Dude you totally Forrest Gumped your way into her pants!
by Matt September 08, 2003
Just one of the hottest girls in MoCo that shows off her Bethesda goods. Not to be confused with a Rahan
I just want to fuck the brains out of reyes
by Matt December 16, 2003
If you say someone has a 10 on the Gayometer, then they are the most gay.

10 - Simmonsgay
9- Fashiondesignergay
8- Queerbait
7- Eltongay
6- Timbergay
5- Ass bandit
4- Tomcruisegay
3- Peder-ass
2- Closet case
1- Bisexual
0- Straight
Rob is gay.
Hmm... would you say he's Simmonsgay or Timbergay?
by matt February 10, 2004
Where people go to cheat on their boyfriends/girlfriends etc. A place of no moral grounding. It's not called a beach cause trash gets washed ashore. For example: Jersey Girls. To take part in the Jersey Shore experience pretend you can't read, get a jailhouse build, wear wifebeaters everyday, spend the off season in tanning salons, wear two pounds of gel in your hair, talk about how much you hate black people, but party to music created by black people, make sure you can borrow mommy/daddy's car, wear cheap jewelery. If confused, watch Growing up Gotti.
Duhhhhh, I'm going to the shore to get my std
by Matt February 07, 2005
sushi sex
i want sushi sex now!
by matt December 23, 2003

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