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the newest Apple product that lets you choose up to 5 ringtones from over 6,000,000 iTunes songs which are activated upon flushing the toilet!
I just changed one of my iFlush ringtones to "Everyday I'm Hustlin"
by Matt Huff September 15, 2010
A better term for pro-choice if you aren't necessarily for abortions but also not against it.
I don't like abortions but I'm not against them entirely, I guess you could say I'm Abortion Tolerant
by Matt Huff August 29, 2009
A gay eardrum that tends to only hear things that are queer or homosexual.

A person with a queerdrum usually turns normal conversations into something sexual pertaining to a dick, a penis, or an ass.
Girl: "You're not using your pick right on the E string."
Guy: "He's not using his dick right on his G-string?"
Girl: "There you go again listening from your queerdrum again.."
by Matt Huff August 28, 2009
1. to wrestle a weasel.


2. an act of or a bout at wrestling a weasel (wreastling)
Steve Irwin: "Crikey, gee whiz, that's a fast animal.. Let's see if we can wreastle it to the ground and aid her unfortunate wounds so she can go back to tending the young ones."
by Matt Huff August 27, 2009
a) selling 8 balls or buying 8 balls to flip an extreme profit by selling by the gram

b) going really fast either in a vehicle, on foot, or anything with wheels. (short for hauling balls or hauling ass)

c) playing basketball

d) crying eyes out

e) now mistakenly misused by nearly everyone especially the kids on urbandictionary for a synonym of "living the good life", "living in wealth or riches", AND the worst of all "the act of being fly" which derived from the life of selling 8 ball's of cocaine on the street in order to make lots of money. ballers may sometimes live the good life with their riches and actin fly BUT for the most part many ballers only appear that way because they spend their money on new shoes and chains and may even eventually end up in jail. so all the new age wannabes who don't even know where the word came from use it for anything they can think of to describe something that is dope, cool, and/or awesome to them.
a) rick ross thinks he's ballin but he really isn't

b) i was ballin through that intersection

c) we were just outside ballin, shootin hoops

d) shaniqua was straight ballin when she found out her man was cheatin and playin her

e) i got some nice new air force 1 kicks bro, now i'm ballin
by Matt Huff September 25, 2010
to headbutt using your face.

a failed headbutt which leaves ones self more injured than the opposing party.

a face plant into another human being.
bartender: hey guy, pretty nice fight you had last night, i liked that choke hold you put him in

guy: yeah thanks, i would have put him out sooner but my headbutt was more like a facebutt and i really messed up my nose
by Matt Huff April 17, 2010
to fuck so hard it's almost like digging a new hole aka excavating

Objective - to acquire a job as a sexcavator
Experience - 25 years of sexcavation
Hobbies - sexcavating and teaching others how to sexcavate
by Matt Huff June 02, 2011
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