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1. the act of shitting and peeing at the same time
2. the act of peeing out your ass
3. the way some chinese people pronounce the word shipping
Sorry I'm so late I got held up by shipeeing, do you have any spare pants I can wear?
by Matt Huff August 29, 2009
The politically correct way of spelling the word Jerusalem.
an ugly man named Hitler wanted all the jews to go back to where they came from (Jewrusalem)
by Matt Huff February 19, 2010
'pull out on time'

a sexual acronym
"that's why you have a stupid ass baby right now, you need to learn how to p.o.o.t. on a ho like that"
by Matt Huff October 01, 2009

(Another installment in the language of "izzle," a thug specialty.)

see rizzle
All this wack shittastic slang has got me confuzzled on tha rizzle, let's all be more rizzlistic
by Matt Huff September 16, 2009
A better term for pro-choice if you aren't necessarily for abortions but also not against it.
I don't like abortions but I'm not against them entirely, I guess you could say I'm "abortion-tolerant"
by Matt Huff August 29, 2009
1. a person who has noodle boobs

2. a noble noob
i can't tell if that person walking on the sidewalk is a man or woman but it sure has a nice pair of noodle boobs
*points* look at the nooble
by Matt Huff December 10, 2010
the inevitable shit which proceeds from the consumption of Wendy's Baconator or other Wendy's meals/food
before we start the movie tonight i better go drop a baconator, i'll be right back (in 15 minutes)
by Matt Huff December 10, 2010

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