47 definitions by matt huff

1. What your girlfriend accidentally blurts out when she has been cheating on you with a guy named Brenden and your name begins with a M.

2. If your name is Brenden and she's cheating on you with a guy with a M name.

3. If you're 1/2 retarded and trying to say something needs mended or mending and you think menden is actually a word.
1. Ohhhhhhh, Menden you're so good, mmmmm
2. I haven't even see talked to him in weeks Menden!!!
3. My heart needs menden
by Matt Huff August 29, 2009
when you lay a baby on their tummy in attempt to get them to learn to crawl.
i'm starting to hate tummy time because she keeps screaming bloody murder and crying
by Matt Huff September 07, 2009

An animal type creature which is the mix between a salamander, a llama, and a bird.
What were you trying to draw? because whatever it is just looks like some sort of sallamird.
by Matt Huff August 28, 2009
the horrid smell that comes out of one's back end after eating any kind of cheese from Applebees
see also: fart
i can't tell what is worse last night when i had to drop a baconator or today's applecheese
by Matt Huff December 10, 2010
boobs which are much longer than wide; typically ones that sag or curve up in a noodle or banana shape
i can't tell if that person walking on the sidewalk is a man or woman but it sure has a nice pair of noodle boobs
*points* look at the nooble
by Matt Huff December 10, 2010
Blatent plagiarism.

Things like Family Guy that blatently made a show similar to the Simpsons and even stole some jokes and ideas.

Blagiarism can also mean black plagiarism.

Step by Step might have blagiarized Family Matters by making a white version of it only 3 years after it was on TV.
Steve: "Wow, can you believe this show just plagiarized our favorite show so bad?"

Charlie: "Fuck this shit turn it off, that's straight blagiarism right there."
by Matt Huff August 26, 2009
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