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The smoking-hot Canadian actress who plays Number 6 in the re-imagined series of Battlestar Galactica.
Tricia Helfer is hot.
by matrixbadger February 17, 2009
Someone who is intensely ugly, with a face that looks like they attempted to peck a shredder - hence their face looks awful. Can be easily shorted to just "Shredder"

Phil: Hey Joe, check out that really ugly chick!
Joe: Fuck me, she's a right shredder pecker!

Joe: Phil you are so gay
Phil: Fuck off you shredder!
by matrixbadger February 16, 2009
A really smelly, runny shit. Named "Poostripes" because of his messy and diarrhoea-like qualities.
Phil: Holy shit! I just took a messy dump!
Adam: Let's call him Mr Poostripes!
by matrixbadger February 17, 2009
From the verb "To give someone a deceased". This is where you insult someone by shouting the name of one of their dead relatives - a very harsh insult used only when extremely provoked.
Uses of deceased (noun):

Scott: Seriously Tom was bugging the shit out of me last night
Andy: What did you do?
Scott: I gave the fucker a deceased

Tom: Scott you are such a lanky prick
Scott: Shut the fuck up SUE!
Andy: Oooh! You just got given a deceased!
by matrixbadger February 16, 2009
Same as well 'ard, rock hard. Used to describe someone who is likely to come out victorious in a combat situation. Also used to boost one's ego.
Pronounced "brick 'ard"
Phil: Hey, what is he doing?
Chav 1: Don't mess, he's brick hard!

Jenny: Wow! How did you do that?
Phil: Oh you know me, I'm brick 'ard
by matrixbadger December 04, 2007
A section of flab on the stomach of a chodney. Also known as a spare tire. A veritable insult in its own right.
Bunny: Scott you're a lanky prick!
Scott: Fuck off, you chodney ripple!
by matrixbadger May 30, 2009
Used to describe someone who walks strangely, like someone with pingu feet. Offensive as it accuses the other person of being retarded, and acting like it.
Phil: Have you seen Dave walking?
Adam: Yeah, that mofo has crumpet feet

Dave: Phil you can be such a prick sometimes
Phil: Shut it, crumpet feet!
by matrixbadger February 19, 2009

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