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A term associated with black, it can refer to both objects and people.
Jack always confuses chorney with chodney.
by RevenuitsPanda March 31, 2008
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An Asian version of "Rodney" from "only fools and horses" (British TV sitcom). Amalgamation of "choddu" and "Rodney".
Kameshwar spent all day carrying his brother`s SIM card stall around Basildon, only to get mugged for the takings by chavs from Kent. What a fucking chodney, He should stay in East Ham.
by Proper Londoner February 27, 2008
A short, fat man/boy. Basically a fat dwarf. Often hairy and unattractive.
Eric Cartman is a chodney.
by matrixbadger May 30, 2009

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