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37 definitions by mat

1. A drug that can induce unconciousness, similar to alcohol but much more potent. 2 spoonfulls can knock out almost anyone.

2. A phrase that sounds cool if you say it in a metallica-esque voice. It can mean "Cool!" or "Total Destruction!".
- Dont drink liquid death when youre driving or else you will certainly crash.
- Dude that Decapitated concert was straight up LIQUID DEATH!!
- How about a taste of LIQUID DEATH!!?
by Mat August 30, 2006
10 15
Holy Macaroni Robin. It's going to replace omg.
HMR! Did you see that?
by Mat March 05, 2005
13 18
when i know katie thinks its real.
that muho good.
by mat May 02, 2004
1 6
An item of jewlry that is fake, for example not real gold or silver....

Or i could just be making the word up...
Hay, He aint got bling he got bleng!
by mat October 15, 2004
3 9
an opinion is like an arsehole. everyone has one and as much as you "proper" skaters or "proper" rockers like to thinkt otherwise everyone is entitled to get theres across. if someone wants claim they are something then let them. if someone wants to rip something off then let them. they'll realise eventually. if someone is new to the scene of what you do then help them not fucking criticise them because they do things that others do just because no one else will help them.
"I Think Therefore I Am" - Renê Dêscartes
by Mat April 22, 2004
8 14
Describes a person who rarely gets exposed to sunlight, thus making their skin somewhat lighter than the average person.
Balfa7<NuBeas> and InSaNe<NuBeas> play on their computer all day, they're such palefaces.
by mat December 31, 2004
8 16
On some Operating Systems this shows up as a heart.
I ¢¾ my momma
by Mat July 01, 2004
10 25