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37 definitions by mat

A condemned prisoner of a Nazi death camp in World War II. Deemed unfit to work, women, young children, and old men were sent to be executed and burned. You didn't want to be a muselman.
The old man who broke his arm was selected by an SS doctor to be a muselman.
by mat November 03, 2004
31 21
When you get horribly owned three times in a certain amount of time.
"while playing cs Ryan got uber trowned, his scores was 1-67
by mat March 07, 2005
11 5
The best song eva. As a Somerseter (south west england) I can boast about having the Wurzels. The Beatles of the South West.
Songs like; Combine Harvester, The Blackbird, Drink up thy Zider. See also: Wurzel
"I gotta brand new COmbine Harvester, and i'll give you the key..." --Combine Harvester
by mat October 11, 2004
12 6
hip-hoppin fresh mexican posse
:i wish i was a los tres pantalones
by mat April 22, 2005
5 3
penis over 7 inches in length and 3 inches around.
i said i need some cock not wennier.
by Mat July 30, 2004
52 50
Female legs which resembles a smooth sasuage and/or leg of ham.
She has hamlegs
by Mat August 11, 2003
6 4
A game where you choose which mum you would like to "do" out of the people you play against
remember when we played ultimaeo last night?! everyone picked your milf mum
by Mat October 20, 2004
5 4