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This number when multiplied by the speed of sound, is the speed of light; aka mach 880991 (the speed of light).
When you see something it's not exactly how it looked when you saw it because the light has to travel to your eyes, and it does so at mach 880991, fast, but not instant.
by Mat May 25, 2005
Something so amazing it is worthy of being typed in capital letters.
by Mat April 24, 2005
Female legs which resembles a smooth sasuage and/or leg of ham.
She has hamlegs
by Mat August 11, 2003
Big Slut, that goes to school in hartshorne oklahoma.
Dixie ray is a big bitch
by mat March 01, 2005
The state of being during a comedown from takin way too much illegal substances the night previous.
conversation between 2pillheads the next day

person1---get the kettle on ya radge
person2---fuck off, ahm feelin too fuzzy to do fuck all.
by mat April 05, 2004
when i know katie thinks its real.
that muho good.
by mat May 02, 2004
Holy Macaroni Robin. It's going to replace omg.
HMR! Did you see that?
by Mat March 05, 2005
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