37 definitions by mat

Simple word to identify Tommy. A Tommy at work needs to be identified as a mo fo.
Die Mo Fo. Tommy is such a Mo Fo. I just can't believ how Mo Fo you are today.
by Mat July 07, 2004
The flow you have trying to bag an easy lay, or your flow in any general situation.
"Don't fuck up my kool-aid"
by Mat March 18, 2005
A colorful species of waterfowl (duck) considered less desirable by hunters. Sometimes refered to as, "Portuguse broad billed flying technocolor rat".
Slow day at the blind so we shot a pair of spooneys then got drunk
by Mat March 01, 2005
by mat October 14, 2003
Slang for hallucinogenic mushrooms
Me and Reggie had some intense mind-expanding conversations on fireflowers last weekend.
by Mat February 28, 2004
one whos penis curves when erect
i have bad curvage in my cock
by mat April 11, 2005
A friggen retard. One who is most likely dumb, and scrawny.
Pasty. He is scrawny, and friggen retarded.
by Mat April 01, 2003
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