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Humongous thighs that rub together and spark when one walks..usually attached to an obese woman.
oh..oh..I warned you not to walk close to those huge hamlegs, your coat is ablaze!!!.
by Linda April 29, 2005

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Made up by Lacho
*A real fat cunt
*A fun abusive word used by about 10 people in the world
*someone with weight problems
*Everyone can be called a hamlegs
Fuck you fat cunt hamlegs
by Lacho October 10, 2004
Female legs which resembles a smooth sasuage and/or leg of ham.
She has hamlegs
by Mat August 11, 2003
nickname; used to describe any individual named Hamish, said person is as gorgeous, delightful and deliciously addicting as a leg of ham.
Hey Hamleg! Sup?
by hbhs January 18, 2011