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Someone who lets everyone else cum on them. (not necessarily at one time. that would be bukkake )
Your mom is the cumbrella of Eastern Idaho.

Your dad is the cumbrella of Walla Walla, Washington.

Your sister is the cumbrella of the Martin Van Buren High School varsity football team.
by masochistmonkeyjoe March 16, 2007
a term in the gay community (not widely used as I invented it myself). It refers to a fellow with a very small, round, and tight "he-hole".
He's a virgin! He's just GOTTA be a cheerio boy! ... .. unlike YOUR slutty, stretched out dried out ol' ass!
by masochistmonkeyjoe January 15, 2007
v. to strap a dildo to your head (like the horn of a unicorn) and to screw someone IN THE ASS (the cornhole)
Jim screwnicornholed Patsy up against the front door until she was screaming like a banshee.

After screwnicornholing Michael, Dawn had to wash the fudge and corn off of her headgear.
by masochistmonkeyjoe June 14, 2007
1. the mohawk hairstyle as worn by a lesbian
2. a lesbian with a mohawk hairstyle
Hey Jane, did you see the modyke on that bitch?

Mom! A modyke wearing converse sneakers just aksed me to the prom!!!
by masochistmonkeyjoe June 04, 2007
a turd. so called due to its shape and color.
I dropped a mud pickle or 2 into the hole before burying it.

Elaine hates walking her dog because she always has to pick up his mud pickles.
by masochistmonkeyjoe October 27, 2007
this is a violent sex act in which a dildo or other phallic object is attached to the bottom of a shoe or boot and "stomped" into the waiting hole of the "stompfuckee".
Dawn hadn't been stompfucked in a long time, so Tina helped her get her dildo harnessed to the bottom of her boot so it wouldn't come off during their sexual act.
by masochistmonkeyjoe October 14, 2008
it's an adjective to describe a slutty article of clothing that reveals quite a bit of skin... it's a hyperbole based on "crotchless"
your mom left her leopard skin clitless catsuit at my house last night.

your dad was skanking around the mall in a pair of clitless leather shorts
by masochistmonkeyjoe May 02, 2008

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