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A condom. An umbrella for your penis preventing the cum outside.
Amy: Do you have the protection?

Ben: A cumbrella? Yeah I've already put it on.
by shaez September 19, 2014
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Someone who lets everyone else cum on them. (not necessarily at one time. that would be bukkake )
Your mom is the cumbrella of Eastern Idaho.

Your dad is the cumbrella of Walla Walla, Washington.

Your sister is the cumbrella of the Martin Van Buren High School varsity football team.
by masochistmonkeyjoe March 16, 2007
These are umbrella's used in the porn industry to protect camera's while filming squirt movies.
"Dude, Cytheria is about to blow. Put up the cumbrella."
by Bryz April 29, 2008
The umbrella you take to The Folsom Street Faire to prevent cum landing on your head as men masterbate out the apartment windows above.
Damn it! I forgot my cumbrella! Now I'm gonna get jizz in my hairs!
by mecp007 September 21, 2014
When a man stands up and shoots his load all over a chick's head and face. She stands under his cumbrella.
She is standing under his cumbrella ella ella ella ay ay ay ay a ay.
by DaddyAZ September 12, 2008
An umbrella used to guard one's self from showers of cum.
Im about ta' hit it so hard, she gonna need a cumbrella!
by RodgerCodger January 03, 2011
an item that a slut requires because he/she sleeps with so many men/women
bob: i saw jenny riding mr. green during passing time
jane: shoot. bitch need a cumbrella
by jonny. June 06, 2007

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