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Usually known as a piece of shit, but also an insult. Especially an insult when you’re talking about this turd in my class.
Dude, quit being a turd.
by man October 30, 2004
to hang out
yo lets go chill
by man May 02, 2003
1. People who can't say bootilicious offen say it in this stupid way.
"Hey Bob, look at Sally, she's so BUTTLICIOUS"
by man March 13, 2005
in skateboarding or rollerblading, when you fall on a ramp and slide down all limp looking like macaroni.
I did a macaroni slide when i fell.
by man June 19, 2004
Title given to somebody who acts like Kevin MacDougall or The Dougler.
You see somebody who wasn't washed in a week; beware! He may be the Dougler.
by Man August 30, 2004
adj used to describe something that is difficult or mentally challenging.
cov/hounslow girl: 'tryin to do micro at mo - cant do it - TOO SOLID.
by man April 06, 2004
Goat molester. Have you ever had a oat for fuck? No!! So why don't you fuckin' try it? Make sure you rub the corn before entry.
Boro boz kon kharkosseh
by man November 24, 2003

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