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1. gangley Adj. - A term describing an abnormally disproportionate individual in which the limbs are elongated in a starkly frightening manner. Gangley individuals are commonly much taller and/or skinner than the norm of a species. Common causes of being gangley are: malnutrition, genetics, and mutation.

2. gangley Adj. Describing long fluid gracefull movements associated with gangley individuals (much as the limb movement of a spider or sloth).

3. gangley n. Referring to any individual displaying gangley characteristics.

Antonyms: Stout, stubby, fat
1) I would never want to meet him in a dark alley, that man is so freakishly tall and gangley.

2) The way he walks is so gangley. What a creep-out!

3) Don't scream, don't sweat, don't breath. There may be ganglies about.
by Dr. Scruffy Mcdogson February 24, 2011
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