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A mack daddy. Who pimps on all the girls when he's in the smoking section, worldwide. HOOD NIGGER.
Man, that dude over there is a macdougall, bitch.

That's for damn sure.
by macd beezy July 14, 2008
A person that tells a particular story with absolutely no point to it. This person also laughs at their own stories...even when no when else does.
Macdougall: So last night we had chicken for dinner, and my dad made it. And you see he doesn't cook. So we took a bite of the chicken and it was DRY!....
Macdougall:Do you get it? It was dry HAHAHAHAA
by Macdougall Hater June 25, 2010
-a story that really sucks, has no point or climax
MacDougall Teller- Today I was sitting in my barn reading and my dad walked in and like turned the light off and I was like "Dad I was reading". And he was like I don't care.

other person- and...

MacDougall Teller- thats it, thats the whole story

other person- that wasn't a story it was a MacDougall
by twihard1643 June 10, 2010
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