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When proceeded by "charles" it refers to the warm, juicy crevace between a female's legs, also known as a vagina.
Man, that charles dapun smelled like a britni danus buffet.
by Mac September 24, 2003
The shotgun in the xbox game halo.
The tripleya works well for close range skirmishes.
by mac September 12, 2003
The Deeks as only The Derby Dinning Center at Kansas State University can instigate
1. Holy dog, I got The Derby Deeks from D-Line, dude!

2. We gotta get back to Hay--I feel The Derby Deeks 'bout to drop!
by Mac March 14, 2003
N: A Warcraft/SWG/Call of Duty player who has follows who worship his leg hair
N2: A follower of Makolyte
N: Makolyte just killed me.
N2: I am a Makolyte.
by Mac January 14, 2004
extremely wasted, drunk, inebriated, tanked, sloshed, blasted
That choch is totally butt-housed. He won't be throwin the ball around like the boys tonight.
by Mac April 17, 2003
hair tried to be worn attractively framing your face, but in reality, it looks like stringy carp hanging off your scalp
"Way to mess up your full-legnths"
by Mac November 01, 2003
reference to testicles
did i tell you i went shopping at the music store? i didn't? well then, by all means...c-deez nutz.
by mac May 30, 2003
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