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193 definitions by luke

Roughly translated, it means "you're a skanky bitch, but I desperately need to get laid so I'm not fussy".
"All you want to do is get laid."
"How could you say that? I like you for who you are."
by Luke May 28, 2004
11 8
the most absolute largest, universally colossal, king sized planet, mammoth ass you have ever seen owned by an individual. when seen, the viewer is tranced by a state of paralizing awe that he/she concludes that such an immensely huge ass must have some kind of benevolence to do good- has it the answer to world hunger? the cure for cancer? or something of the sort.
"hey man, did you see the size of that earthass? i cannot believe it's possible to grow an ass that large. SERIOUSLY!! having tabletop and branded mcdonald arches on both ass cheeks, dude!"
by Luke April 17, 2005
4 2
yesno - n - having no idea what to say to a given question, but not wanting to look stupid and say that; can also be used as a verb
Lauren: Should I go out with John?
Luke: yesno
by Luke April 17, 2004
3 1
Slang term for "Shut the fuck up."
Just Vashigida.
by Luke April 03, 2004
3 1
a cigarette comprising of a mixture of tobacco from a pouch or straight and the ganja of your choice. This is then rolled preferably in a king sized lightweight slim Rizla with roach.
sensi is weed, and weed is ganja man.
ganja my weed, and weed is marajuana.
by luke February 01, 2004
21 19
the mating call of the five legged iguana
"BLOOURB" BANG! "stop humping my leg"
by Luke November 10, 2003
3 1
A person who lags so much that their computer/ laptop can't play deus ex, and people cant play games with him/her online because of slowness
stewy from the reject school
by luke April 08, 2005
3 2