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193 definitions by luke

A slang word for penis
Well thats a funny little dickybird you got there
by Luke February 08, 2005
yesno - n - having no idea what to say to a given question, but not wanting to look stupid and say that; can also be used as a verb
Lauren: Should I go out with John?
Luke: yesno
by Luke April 17, 2004
Slang term for "Shut the fuck up."
Just Vashigida.
by Luke April 03, 2004
the mating call of the five legged iguana
"BLOOURB" BANG! "stop humping my leg"
by Luke November 10, 2003
A person who lags so much that their computer/ laptop can't play deus ex, and people cant play games with him/her online because of slowness
stewy from the reject school
by luke April 08, 2005
extreme outcry when inducing ultra violence...derives from the ancient master game known as "street fighterus turbo-us"....many faux Gods were once worshipped on platforms of worship known as mega drives and /or snes consoles.........
"here we go old chum, prepare to meet a grizzly death.....***HAAAADUKAN!!!!!!***

F I G H T!
by Luke March 02, 2005
To throw-up on your brand new wife, while making a baby, on your wedding night.
She was beautiful in her white wedding dress. . . it's a shame I couldn't wait to take her. Her dress is now ruined as she's been bel-schplorked.
by Luke January 12, 2005