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Vaginal dingleberry
by luke August 29, 2003
Something that chavs or chores frequently ask for.
Ere mate you got twenny pee fot bus?
Wot you walkin away for nob 'ed?
Don't ignore me dick 'ed!
by Luke February 24, 2005
Originally found in tv show 'The Family Guy,' now used by students everywhere to ensue outrage in teachers and principals the world over.
Hello class, My name's Mr. Bates, and I'll be taking youyr class today.

"Whoa, Transvestite!"
by Luke December 26, 2004
a mans penis
My talkiwaker was inflamed after reciving oral sex from that whore
by Luke September 01, 2003
To go down on a girl
Dude, did you mau down???
by Luke December 23, 2004
Although origins unknown, the word is said to originate from homosexual in denial Joshua Longville. It means rather gay or camp.
John*: That was rather longville, luke.
by Luke November 14, 2004
usually performed by a gwynne. to ravage someone from behind.
chris pummelled me up the bunghole last night
by luke August 07, 2004

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