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First produced in 1986, the 3 Series E30 M3 was the product of a factory effort to participate in German Touring Car racing. The primary opponent was the Mercedes 190 class. Both companies recognized the great interest in racing and the positive effects of racing on auto sales.
The power plant is high-performance 4-cylinder, a direct descendent of the M10 F-1 powerplant. The engine has a forged crank, a four valve head and strengthened internals, with 2.3 liters and 195 hp with a catalytic converter and 200 hp without.
by lue_driver March 31, 2005
As stated in Geneva in March 2004 the M5 will have over 500 HP. The M5 will be able to put out over 100 HP / litre. The official specifications are:

Engine code: S65
8250 rpm redline
507 HP (373 kW) @ 7750 rpm
520 Nm torque @ 6100 rpm
Weight: 240 kg
Stroke: 75,2 mm Bore: 92 mm
MS S65 engine managements hardware, software and functioning are developed in-house at BMW M
Gearshifts are possible with the SMGIII even with the throttle pressed fully to the floor.
by lue_driver March 31, 2005
man: man that is one cool golf
man2: for sure
by lue_driver March 20, 2005
The 3.0 CSL race cars were the first cars to be developed under BMW Motorsport GmbH. They were also the first to sport the newly designated official colors of BMW Motorsport - red, blue and purple - and the first to use ABS.

The 3.0 CSL won 5 European Touring Car Championships between 1973 and 1979, as well as national championships in several countries. CSLs were so successful they continued to win races into the late 1970s even though production ended in 1975 to make way for its successor, the 6 Series.

Thanks to the development of a four-valve cylinder head, the BMW six-cylinder engine grew from 3.2 to 3.5 liters and increased in horsepower from 340 to 430.

In the USA, BMW of North America campaigned a 3.5 CSL team in 1975 and won IMSA races at Sebring, Laguna Seca, Riverside, Daytona and Talledega. Drivers involved in the American success of the CSLs, included Hans Stuck, Sam Posey, Brian Redman, Allan Moffat, Dieter Quester and Benny Parsons.
The racers differed from the standard 3.0 CSL's in that they had the larger 3.2 liter engines and the distinctive spoiler.

By 1974, BMW Motorsport was eager to homologate their only 3.5 liter engine for production-based racing. That homologation required the production of a run of larger engined road cars. The result was the fitting of their 3.2 liter (3153 cc) engine to the 3.0 CSL which increased horsepower by 6bhp (to 206bhp) and torque.

In addition to the larger engine, Series 3 cars were often supplied with a package of aerodynamic components so dramatic that the name "Batmobile" was soon applied. That package consisted of a very large rear wing, a more traditional rear spoiler and front fender spats. These components were very successful in competition.

There were 167 Batmobiles built in total (including the series 3.5 cars) all of which were finished in either Polaris silver or Chamonix white.
CSL Racer

Engine: 6-cylinder in-line
Valve linkage: SOHC, 12-valve/DOHC, 24-valve
Displacement: 3191/3498 cc
Bore x stroke: 92 x 80 mm/94 x 84 mm
Compression Ratio: 11.0 : 1
Power output: 340 horsepower at 7800 rpm
430 horsepower at 8500 rpm
Transmission: Getrag 5-speed
Suspension: Front: MacPherson strut, aluminum
Rear: Semi-trailing arm, aluminum strut damper units
Wheels: Front: 16 x 13-inch BBS
Rear: 16 x 16-inch BBS
Tires: Front: 300/625-16
Rear: 350/650-16
Weight: 2341 lbs.
Years of construction: 1972-1975
by lue_driver May 30, 2005
Crystal Dynamics is currently developing the next Lara Croft adventure, entitled Tomb Raider: Legend.
Category: Action Adventure > Modern
Tech Information
See Tomb Raider: Legend on: PC | Xbox | PlayStation 2 | PSPRegular Price: $39.99
GS Complete Price: $35.99
Around a month ago, Eidos Interactive unveiled the first image of the new-and-improved Tomb Raider heroine, Lara Croft. Looking nothing like Angelina Jolie, who played her in the Tomb Raider films, the new Lara also sports redder hair and a more athletic--and less buxom--physique than previous incarnations.

Today, Eidos showed what the new Lara can do when it released the first trailer for the current-generation console versions of Tomb Raider: Legend. The trailer begins with the gun-toting adventuress performing some ground rolls in a darkened room, and it goes on to show a cutscene of her svelte figure as she walks in front of a setting sun.

Then, in a series of quick cuts, Lara is seen in an overgrown ruin, a modern office building, some rickety mines, and a medieval tomb. She performs several maneuvers, including ground slides, evasive dodges, and some cliff-hanging platform-jumping. Later on, she can be seen climbing ropes against a neon cityscape, as well as eventually performing a daring stunt with a motorcycle.

The Tomb Raider: Legend trailer also features several close-ups of the now-much-more-expressive Ms. Croft. Her eyes can be seen giving cautious-but-somehow-furtive sidelong glances. It concludes with a montage of Lara in combat, where she employs her trademark dual pistols, in addition to a rocket launcher.

Tomb Raider: Legend is due out this fall on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. It will also be released for the PSP and Xbox 360 at a later date. Check out GameSpot's previous coverage for more on this make-or-break installment of the long-running franchise.

By Tor Thorsen, GameSpot POSTED: 05/02/05 05:46 PM
by lue_driver May 05, 2005
a greek slang word meaning horny, old bastard
re ton gavlogero=
man that horny old bastard
by lue_driver February 17, 2005
Cardboard furniture to the rescue - totally flimsy and unfunctional, but classy looking furniture makes your house look 'homely' .
Sort of like the cardboard hifi components that Ikea has, but on a larger scale.
by lue_driver May 05, 2005

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