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Abbreviation for "I Love You" in net and SMS use in Chinese speaking world. It is an example of extensive use of numerical digits for their similar pronunciation of daily expressions in Chinese. In this case, 5 means "I", 2 means "love", 0 means "you".
Peter sent SMS to his girlfriend Kate: Still in meeting, 520
by alanhk July 31, 2005
National Drinking Day (National get fucked up day)- An amazing day only to be rivaled by 420. However, It comes with an interesting twist, instead of smoking weed you drink to your hearts content....and then keep going. It is tradionally ended with an intense power hour.
Frank:Yo do you know what today is?

Mike: Friday?

Frank: It's 520!

Mike: oh shit, lets start drinking right now!

Frank: im down, fuck work
by Yallalreadyknowwhatitis May 15, 2011
The holiday similar to 420, but instead of smoking marajuana to celebrate this is the national pill popping day. Stoners have a holiday now pill poppers do too.
"Dude i can't wait till 520. I'm gonna pop some Valium.
by Coco Snuff May 05, 2009
Slang term referring to Marijuana. Probably derived from police code for same.
In a classified ad: "520 friendly, you provide."
by Scruffy Scirocco June 19, 2008
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