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I shit hole town in north east ohio roughly 1 square mile that makes its income from pizza shops, bars and churches. Has an awful poser music scene and the worst football team ever. Most of the people born there are doomed to dwell there for life and most likely join the volunteer fire department.
Did we just pass Sebring?
by Joe James May 10, 2006
a small town in highlands county florida

it's a really boring place filled with old people. the main attraction is practically walmart. the mall SUCKS

people who live there either get end up staying there cause theyre boring. but the smart ones leave as soon as they can.

they have talented cheerleaders but thats about it. the other athletics arent that great.

oh and the selection isnt good at all. no point in finding a soul mate there.
-"Wow I hate our town"

-"Nah man be happy we dont live in Sebring. i hear its even worse over there"
by sebring hater October 08, 2011
Synonym for sexy
Faraaz is bringing sebring back.
by Andrew Staub January 26, 2009
A small town growing fast in Highlands County Florida
I live in the small town Sebring.
by twinsfan September 23, 2008
least reliable vehicle for 2009, even compared to land rovers and Aston martins. The build quality is so bad that some models don't make it off the lot in one piece. just another reason to buy foreign...
"imagine being dragged naked across a 50-mile stretch of Tabasco soaked shards of glass. no, you're not even close to the misery of this hateful blizzard of dreadfulness" Clarkson testing the sebring on top gear.
by a smart cooper August 20, 2009
A car made by Chrysler that was iconic for metrosexual and homosexual males as the car to have. It was a symbol of gay in the late '90s and early 00's. A new model has arrived and with luck, Chrysler will be able to market it to a new breed of hipster homosexuals and college girls in their mid 20's.
"Holy ish, they gave you a Sebring for a rental car? I bet you have to beat the gay dudes off with a stick!"

"Oh, I beat them off..."
by readymix July 17, 2008
bad ass sedan the just came out in 2007. also known as the poor mans benz. it gets the freaks to think you got money.
oooh! you drive a sebring? let me suck it please.
by pop lock it drop it July 27, 2007
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