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this is a special lady who only goes after the grandfather figures. She is not happy unless there is a 40 year age gap and he resembles some sort of long dead army general. The old geezer skeezer is usually a version of trailor trash, though not specifically living in a trailor, she has the low morals of a swamp puddle and tends to think she is all that and a bag of chips. But unfortunatly the bag has a hole in it and the contents are stale, none too tasty, and just plain boring.
Why can't that red head girl marry guys her own age, she is such an old geezer skeezer.
by lucyploser March 22, 2010
a rabbit skank is a special kind of skank. these people are usually friends to your face, but when they get in smaller groups with other skanks, especially the hoopskirt skank, they forget how to have individual thoughts and tend to mooch off of others ideas. They are usually jobless and always complaining about lack of monetary funds, but yet, refuse to cut the strings from mommy and daddy. This type of friend is useless to anyone with core values and morals. They tend to be bottom dwellers and feed off of the need to be looked at, even though there is nothing pretty to see.
She needs to get her act together, she is such a rabbit skank.
by lucyploser March 22, 2010
these are people who tend to be skankish in behaviour, yet skuzzy in friend skills. They are usually two-faced bottom dwellers who cling to their cell phones like inbred dormant crackers crumbs, snatching up little tidbits of others lives and trying to mimic them. Skuzzified goats have no authenticity, they are posers and think they are being cute, but in reality, they are being skanks who need to get a grip on reality and start having original thoughts, or any thoughts at all.
I can't believe our friends turned out to be such skuzzified goats, they are such posers!
by lucyploser March 22, 2010
one whose is constantly taking pictures of herself with a washed out camera phone. They usually bombard their facebooks with atleast 10 pics a day of with either their face, thier lackluster body or their dog, with home they cling to so tight his fleas beg for freedom. The sad people tend to think that others enjoy looking at pictures of their distorted faces with Mr. Ed teeth or their short hemline and ghastly white (not ghostly, but gastly) legs. A pic-ho is usually boring, but tries to over compensate with chirpy banter and talks of past husband and how much they are wanted by the local boys, but yet, they are always alone. Pic-ho's do not make good friends, you will always end up being tagged in some loathy album that your other friends may see.
I wish she would stop taking so many washed out pictures of herself and posting them on facebook, she is a true pic-ho.
by lucyploser March 22, 2010

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